Providing Mediation Services and Training for Mediators
Providing Mediation Services and Training for Mediators
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About Kim Van Valer

Kim Van Valer began her legal practice in 1991 with her father, Joe Van Valer.  Her judicial career began 3 1/2 years later by unanimous appointment of the elected judges as Magistrate of the Johnson Circuit and Superior Courts hearing both civil & criminal cases.  Elected Judge herself in 1996, Kim served two terms as the first Judge of the Johnson Superior Court No. 3.  As an elected judge, she handled thousands of cases each year in an even broader range of legal areas.  

In 2009, Kim left the full time bench, assumed Senior Judge status, began mediating and rejoined her father in the practice of law until his death in 2011.  She joined the Indiana Association of Mediators and served as its President in 2012 & 2013.  Kim has mediated hundreds of cases, in civil tort, real estate and foreclosure as well as her primary area of family law.  She is also a Registered Private Judge.

Kim has presided in 29 different courts in 10 counties in Indiana and adds more each year.  She also served 2 terms as elected Franklin City Court Judge and currently serves as a judicial officer in Bartholomew County hearing Child Support and other Family law cases.

In her judicial capacity, Kim has served on several Judicial Conference Committees by appointment of the Supreme Court including Courthouse Security and Protection Orders to guard against Domestic Violence.  She presents at legal education programs on Court matters as well as on Mediation.  Kim served on the Supreme Court Task forces for revision of Indiana's Rules for Alternative Dispute Resolution and the refinement of Records & Privacy rules.  She also spent 6 years as a member of the Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee of the Judicial Conference of Indiana and served as Chair of the subcommittee drafting the guidelines for Parent Coordinators.