Providing Mediation Services and Training for Mediators
Providing Mediation Services and Training for Mediators
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Comprehensive Mediation Services

NEW!! KIM HAS OFFICE HOURS! FREE!! Email with he subject line "Office Hours" to arrange a time to talk directly to Kim about Mediation & Mediation Training. Again. FREE.

Do you need a Mediator? Do you want to BE a Mediator? Kim can help.

Kim offers mediation services for legal separation, divorce and other non criminal cases, training for mediators, and consulting for developing a mediation practice.

She also can provide private judging for those who need a quick decision or wish to manage the timing of their own case.


In over a decade of conducting mediations, and 27 years as a judicial officer, Kim has developed a calm accommodating style of problem solving.  Your decisions should be made by YOU at YOUR pace and to YOUR satisfaction. During conflict, this can be difficult without help.  Kim will help you navigate the decisions that need to be made and assist in bringing those involved to agreement.  She will then prepare and file your final documents with the Court.  In most cases, you will not have to go to court at all.  If you are involved in a legal dispute, separating from your spouse or getting a divorce, give me a call.  I answer my own phone, and I offer free consultations.  

Mediator Training

Kim Van Valer was trained in mediation first in 1993 then became a full time judicial officer in 1994.  After leaving the full time bench in 2009, Kim was once again trained in both civil and added domestic relations mediation.  She was chosen in 2011 to succeed her domestic relations mediation instructor, Janet Mitchell, and has since trained hundreds of new mediators throughout Indiana.  Kim has spoken on mediation to audiences of attorneys, judges and mental health professionals, as well as serving as an Adjunct Professor in Mediation at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law.  If you are interested in becoming a domestic relations mediator or need other mediation training, call Kim today.  See current course offerings under the Training tab.